10/22/2018 I arrived from Delhi (India) in Kathmandu (Nepal).

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Exactly 6 months took the road.
Start from Minsk 04/22/2018 and finish in Kathmandu 10/22/2018
Completed: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, India.
Achieved goal number 1 – to arrive in Kathmandu (Nepal).
Now I am working on the next goal number 2 – acclimatization and strengthening of training before a solo climbing of Everest in December.
Goal number 3 – A solo climbing of Everest (with Everest-Lhotse-Nuptse traverse) without using oxygen cylinders, guide and shera – I will start to implement in December.

During a trip from Delhi to Kathmandu, I was able to help a 13-year-old child who lost consciousness on a bus and stopped breathing. First-aid skills, a first-aid kit, and some of the shamanic practices helped.
The soul warms when people manage to help.

Already the 5th day I am in Kathmandu. I comprehend, disassemble and systematize the experience gained, and tighten up finances. It is necessary to purchase the missing equipment, possibly – payment permit.
Here place is a wonderful shamaning practic. Light, clean energy.

From next week I will start trekking and climbing in the mountains. The very first trekking is to Everest.
And also – I will gradually add chapters from the diary, which led throughout the route 🙂

I thank everyone who helped me achieve this goal! Upon completion of the ascent – for each of you – I will send a small gift.

Do you like what I do and you want to support?
I will be grateful! Your help will help me reach Everest faster and climb  

You can help with finances:

On my card from Yandex Money
Card number: 5599 0050 0629 6805

And you can also send via the form



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