20.10.2018 – Delhi ( Индия )

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Brief report.
Yesterday (10/19/2018) flew from Kabul (Afghanistan) to Delhi (India).
Why did not go through Pakistan? Pakistan and Afghanistan have controversy. A visa can be given only in a month.
Decided to fly jump an air Pakistan.
In the book I am writing more and more. I take photos and videos. I am gradually editing a documentary 🙂

10/22/2018 – I will have 2 holidays.
1st – exactly half a year ago, 04.22.2018 I got on a plane and flew to Almaty, breaking with doubts (Through Asia to Everest) and started not dreaming, but doing))
2nd – tomorrow I leave Delhi for Kathmandu. 10/22/2018 according to the plan will be in Kathmandu (Nepal). :)))) Everest is there!
Do you understand?)))

Until the final of dreams will be one step))) Do you understand? Dreams of which he dreamed since childhood.

In Kathmandu will be a few months. Acclimatization and part-time payment for permit.

Now I sit in an internet cafe, remembering the past half a year. And urgently collect the remaining $ 180 for the opportunity to quickly get to Kathmandu)))
2 steps to the goal (1st Delhi-Kathmandu, 2nd Kathmandu-Everest)

So if you support me financially – it will be great!)

ВDo you like what I do and you want to support?
I will be grateful! Your help will help me reach Everest faster and climb 🙂 😊

You can help with finances:

On my card from Yandex Money
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