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The flag of the channel “Point of separation” @tochka_otryva.tv says hello to everyone from the top of the mountain Jamancho near Kathmandu (Nepal)!)))
I’ll tell you about the TV channel 🙂
Channel “Point of Separation” – Hobbies with a male character! #PointBreak
Today, most sports activities are standard hobbies, this is not the “extreme” in its original sense, but the modern lifestyle of an active person.

Carefully selected content is aimed at the widest audience: from those who are just going to test their strength to professionals and recognized stars of world magnitude.

Sergey Nikolaevich Badiuk is in charge @sergei_badyuk
and record – Misha Zeldin @zeldinml
(By the way, once again, thank you for Cold Steel Recon 1 :))

Want to look interesting about sports? training? martial arts? weapons? technologies? healthy lifestyle? and many other things?
See “Breakpoint”!
(I myself also watch, gradually remove and write a photo-video about my training. At the end of my ascent – I will give the materials to Misha for the TV channel :-))
And yet, for those who are in Moscow (or can go there) – Sergey Nikolayevich and the older group spend on Saturdays free “Sabbath Practices” in sports, which are often used to teach useful senseis, masters of sports, special forces instructors .! So do not miss!




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