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Starting the “Flags” rubric.
In which I will talk about the flags, traveling with me and hoping to be photographed on the top of Everest with a return to their owners. By the way, all those who sent flags (and helpers) i’m acquaints honey with friends. So that everything is good and happy for them (some already have joint projects))
So! Go!
Flag “Zebra” sends you greetings from Kathmandu (Nepal).
Who is Zebra?
Come on! Did not hear? I’ll tell you now!
It was winter. I was looking for something to view guns thematic on YouTube. The soul demanded reviews of the “cheerful piece of iron” of new and all interesting things (well, I am not a pacifist even once, what can I do here).
I stumbled on the videos of the Armory Ranch on YouTube (the one where the veterinarian exercises with different firearms in every way) in the translation of Zebra. Well, here. I liked the high-quality translations, I feel that they are happening with the soul. Further more. I watched and looked at Everest before starting in Asia, I wrote Zebra. And he answered. Here it is. As a result, the Zebra flag travels with me from Almaty. And the videos of the ranch in Zebrinsky translation – I look now right after the exit)) And I advise for you too!))

To whom you want to order translations or advertisements – by Zebra 🙂

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