In November, I go leave alone for my non-standard trekking route for further acclimatization.

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Composed it from several.
Starting towards Everest from the village of Jiri, on the way of Edmund Hillary, the first man to climb Everest.

What will be interesting on the route?
Lake Gokyo
Gokyo Ri peak (5483 m)
pass Rendjo-La
pass Cho-La
pass Kongma-La (5528 m)
Chukung Glacier
the foot of Ama Dabalam
the foot of Pumori
Base Camp Island Peak
Base Camp Everest
Buddhist temples

From prep:
I will continue training in sport
I tested сheck endurance before the final goal
I will go through further acclimatization
I switch the body to another mode of operation.

From the shaman’s practic:
I rush on some places of the Force.
I will connect to places of power
I will charge the red thread.
I read your wishes to the mountains.
I tying ribbons with wishes
I gather some stones to create several sets of Himalayan runes.

With a sufficient amount of finances, I will purchase additional permits for climbing along some peaks along the way.
I will hold a photo-video shoot

Number of days per track: 23
Maximum height: 5550 m.
Maximum overnight stay: 5160 m.
Total length of the route: 362 km

Upon return – a week of rest and purchase of missing equipment. Then – start on Everest.

I buy photo-video equipment and gear.
Who can help finance – I will be grateful.

Do you like what I do and you want to support?
I will be grateful! Your help will help me reach Everest faster and climb  

You can help with finances:

On my card MasterCard
Card number: 5599 0050 0629 6805

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